5 Best Book Reading Apps For iPhone and iPad To Use in 2019

All the bibliophiles out there do check out the top iPhone and iPad eBook apps in 2019. Based on popularity these are the real gift to a book lover for a delightful experience.

With the latest technology and progression reading has gone a drastic makeover. Whether you are at home or outside now no need to carry extra books as you have them in your phones. Whenever you feel to enlighten yourself open book reading apps and be clued-up. If you are iPhone or an iPad user your thirst of attaining knowledge will quench with these specially designed book apps.

All the apps mentioned are tailor-made according to your iOS device as it helps you to pick the right one with complete freedom to choose. Discover new things via eBooks and share them with your loved ones. Enough praise, right. Reveal truth by scrolling through the page.

Best Book Reading Apps For Book Lovers (iPhone and iPad) in 2019:


Price: Free

Kindle’s user-friendly interface and easy access are what makes it superior. It is a hotshot destination for book worms consisting of textbooks, magazines, novels, newspapers, science fiction stories and much more. You can idealize the page as per your convenience by customizing fonts, page style, and brightness.

Color augment reading and brightness adjustment is quite soothing and relieving when you are a nighttime reader. Translations and in-built dictionary acquaint you whenever you are stuck in between. Even you can access local eBooks through it.

Languages supported via Kindle are English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and many more.


Price: Free

iBooks is amongst the most preferred apps as it offers a premium reading app to users. It is a book treasure to attain all types of books marked under various segments. These huge collections are categorized as the classic, bestseller, editor’s pick, and upcoming authors etc. Consequently permits you to explore deeper.

Also, audiobooks feature to make reading relaxing. It has eight neat fonts option to simplify text fonts. Are you a night reader? Auto night mode adds comfort to your eyes. Get the peace of mind and fall asleep until you read.


Price: Free

Are you a diehard book fanatic? Then this app is a blessing. Rate and review books you read, add them to the favorite list and generate similar titles of your choice while scrolling. GoodReads presents readers with the largest bookstore website which is worth to acquire if you love reading.


Price: Free

Enjoy everything just by a single click on Scribd app. This app covers every niche of the market. Whether you want to read a book or are looking for some latest buzz you can get all in one app.

The personalized topics help you to pick your segment without wasting time. Get quick access to top articles from topnotch sources like NPR, The Financial Times, The New York Times and many more.


Price: Free

Don’t miss out Pocket if you are a bookworm. Quickly save whatever you like on the website and read it offline. You can effortlessly modify changes for better reading. It is pretty impressive to use Text To Speech feature as it allows you to hear your tagged articles.

Final Thoughts:

Being a book lover I always carry a book with me while I travel so that I can utilize my idle time. Since mobiles are the best companion of mine (I never leave it for a single moment). I have started using book reading apps on it to save my time and belongings.

Well frankly from the first day these apps lived up to my expectations. It became my comfort zone within a short span. So, I would suggest you get along with it. Trust me you will love it!

Guys this was all for today!!

Ohh! Wait which is your favorite app? Do let us know what your pick from the above sources is. Do you think I missed the app you admire? Do not forget to share it with your friends and gratify us with your valuable suggestions.

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